IBM Watson presents Soul Machines, LENDIT Conference 2017 (Professional Camera)

Shantenu Agarwal from IBM Watson introduces “Rachel” Avatar from Soul Machines, on stage at the LendIt Conference in New York City 2017. Human-like Avatars with personality and character. Powered by Watson Artificial Intelligence in conjunction with Soul Machines Emotional Intelligence. She can see you and hear you, as well as being emotionally responsive and receptive. Human-like Avatars with character and personality. Emotional Cognition creating the link between humans and computers; humanising technology

Link: IBM Watson presents Soul Machines, LENDIT Conference 2017 (Professional Camera)

Sam Harris – Free Will

By: The Inspiration Journey

Losing a belief in free will has not made me a fatalist – in fact, it has increased my feelings of freedom. My hopes, fears, and neuroses seem less personal and indelible. There is no telling how much I might change in the future. Just as one wouldn’t draw a lasting conclusion about oneself on the basis of a brief experience of indigestion, one needn’t do so on a basis of how one has thought or behaved for vast stretches of time in the past. A creative change of inputs to the system – learning new skills, forming new relationships, adopting new habits of attention – may radically transform one’s life. Becoming sensitive to the background causes of one’s thoughts and feelings can -paradoxically- allow for greater creative control over one’s life. This understanding reveals you to be a biochemical puppet, of course, but it also allows you to grab hold of one of your strings.

Sam Harris


Koninklijke liefde

De Britse Kroonprins Charles en zijn aanstaande echtgenote Camila Parker-Bowles tijdens de Mey Highland Games in Schotland augustus 2004 (foto Reuters)

Een liefde die al meer dan 20 jaar standhoud. Het is een sprookje en een drama tegelijkertijd.