in Werk in uitvoering

Was it worth it?

Well of course not. It turns out it was just advertising. There was no higher calling. No ultimate prize. Just a lot of faded, yellowing newsprint, and old video cassettes in an obsolete format I can’t even play any more even if I was interested. Oh yes, and a lot of framed certificates and little gold statuettes. A shit-load of empty Prozac boxes, wine bottles, a lot of grey hair and a tumor of indeterminate dimensions.

But what I didn’t do, with the benefit of perspective, is anything of any lasting importance. At least creatively speaking. Economically I probably helped shift some merchandise. Enhanced a few companies bottom lines. Helped make one or two wealthy men a bit wealthier than they already were.

As a life, it all seemed like such a good idea at the time.
But I’m not really sure it passes The Overnight Test.


Een verhaal op Medium van Linds Redding over de creatief en hoe hij door het bedrijfsleven voor het karretje gespannen wordt en wat je uiteindelijke resultaat is. Voorzien van een hartje van mij: klik!

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