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What I Learned in 2016 and What the Future Holds for Those Open to Unprescribed Possibilities

Tom Goodwin: I’m wary of how polarized everything is and becoming. I’ve been thinking about the filter bubble nature of social media for about 3 years now and in particular how the invisible nature of it makes people hold more extreme views without realizing how radical they are. Yet what we’re seeing is not just the death of the middle ground, but the death of wanting to understand the other side. People are almost proud to be different, not worried. People seem entrenched and embattled. The reality is the world is going through incredible change but even greater uncertainty. A lot of people are left behind, a lot of people are worried and they are not wrong to feel this way. From AI to Robots, Globalization to Automation, Climate Change to 5G Communication, the world continues to shift. We need to start thinking about how best to prepare for the consequences of this world.

Brain Solis: If it’s one thing I learned, it’s that we can no longer assume that “doing the right thing” will always prevail. There is no longer a clear delineation between right and wrong nor is there just one truth. More so, I’ve also learned that my definition of truth can no longer serve as the only reference point for my convictions or aspirations. Truth, as I’ve/we’ve witnessed, is open to interpretation. Sometimes it’s simply what it is. Other times, it’s conveniently interpreted. Either way, it’s a reflection of someone’s reality.

What I’ve really learned is that this isn’t where or how we connect with others who may disagree. We cannot evolve by building walls between us simply because we find sanctity among others who think as we do.

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